Degree of building certification in Europe

The percentage of certified buildings out of all buildings or the construction volume currently being built varies greatly throughout Europe. This largely depends on the publicity and acceptance of certification systems, particularly compared to alternative building evaluation criteria, and on the opportunities for state subsidies based on the awarded certification.

In Switzerland, where promotion based on MINERGIE standards (see below) is possible, the degree of certification is relatively high. In France, the degree of HQE certification for residential buildings in particular is relatively high. In Great Britain, BREEAM certifications are well-established.

In Germany, the degree of certification – across all certification systems – is relatively low. LEED certifications (see below) here are mostly due to internal standards of international corporations. BREEAM is also offered and implemented in Germany.

However, even the German DGNB does not show a profound penetration of the German market. A significant reason for this is that state requirements and subsidies largely refer to German DIN standards such as DIN V 18599 or European EN standards.