Photometric requirements according to EN 12464-1

Nursery schools, preschools

Table 3.124: Photometric requirements for nursery schools according to EN 12464-1

Educational buildings

Table 3.125: Requirements for lighting in training facilities according to EN 12464-1 and further guidelines

1) Note: The wall surfaces in all classrooms, entrance areas as well as corridors and staircases must be illuminated with at least 75 lx maintained illuminance and the ceiling must feature a maintained value of at least 50 lx (uniformity at least 0,10 for both).

2) Note: To improve communication, classrooms must feature an average maintained cylindrical illuminance Ez of at least 150 lx at 1,2 m (for sitting persons) or 1,6 m (for standing persons) respectively (uniformity at least 0,10).

Exterior grounds at training centres

Table 3.126: Photometric requirements for outdoor premises in training facilities according to EN 12464-1

(see also chapter "Luminaire selection tables")