Visual task area

Due to common free seating arrangements, in most cases the entire classroom can be regarded as the visual task area, possibly deducting a marginal band of 0,5 m along the walls. In other cases, the visual task area is defined by the seating area.

In some rooms, however, the visual task area must be determined individually, e.g. in rooms for music lessons, technical training as well as teaching rooms which feature vertical as well as horizontal visual tasks in different areas, which must be illuminated accordingly.

For the lighting of vertical cabinet and shelf areas, the corresponding requirements for offices (see chapter “Lighting of offices and rooms with VDU workstations”) must be observed.

In art and technical drawing rooms, the visual task area is usually on tilted surfaces (easel, drawing board), e.g. on a plane inclined by 75° from the horizontal. For details see chapter “Lighting of design and CAD offices”.