Individual VDU workstations

Figure 3.99: Individual workstations in the machinery hall (left) and in the healthcare sector (right).

In work rooms not primarily intended for screen work, e.g. in manufacturing or storage areas, in banking halls, on platforms, inside trade fair stands or control rooms etc. there can be isolated VDU workstations. In such work places, it is often not justifiable to design the entire room lighting according to the photometric requirements for VDU workstations. Regarding direct and reflected glare limitation, it is functional to select workstation-related measures such as

  • shieldings,

  • partitions,

  • ceiling elements or

  • light canopies.

When selecting such measures, it is important to ensure that the permissible luminance values in table are not exceeded.

Reflections of luminaires’ luminous surfaces featuring high-luminance lamps, e.g. with lighting using high-intensity discharge lamps – are particularly disturbing and must be avoided, employing the aforementioned measures. For the workstation-related measures it is important to ensure that remaining quality criteria for VDU workstation lighting such as illuminance are not adversely affected.

These requirements for lighting of individual VDU workstations (see table), particularly concerning the avoidance of disturbance by reflections off the screen, also apply to individual VDU workstations in the healthcare sector as well as in production and storage facilities.