Storage rooms and cold stores

Where storage rooms contain continuously occupied workstations, such areas must be illuminated with at least 200 lx according to EN 12464-1. Additional requirements of accident insurance providers must be observed. In Germany, it is particularly the trade association regulation BGR 131 which requires an illuminance of 300 lx for continuously occupied workstations (see also chapter , "Light and safety at work"). Where screens are used in storage rooms, the provisions for individual VDU workstations apply (see chapter  "Lighting of industrial activities and crafts" and chapter "Lighting of offices and rooms with VDU workstations"), particularly the illuminance of 500 lx.

When selecting lamps and luminaires, particular climates (temperature, humidity) in storage rooms must be taken into account. In cold stores, the luminous flux of fluorescent lamps can decrease significantly, which must be considered in the design stage. LED luminaires or weatherproof LED luminaires are usually better suited here. Technical specifications must be observed.

Even where storage rooms do not feature any continuously occupied workstations, it may still be necessary to illuminate certain visual task areas in storage rooms with 200 lx. This applies for instance to storage facilities where racks are stacked manually with goods or parts are retrieved and reading labels needs to be easily acheived. In storage areas with more demanding reading tasks e.g. for delivery or storage papers, it may be necessary to install 300 lx.

In narrow storage corridors, appropriate narrow-distribution luminaires must be used, while reading or searching tasks on vertical surfaces should be supported by wide, assymetric or tilted luminaires.