Fire prevention label

According to the 2012 construction regulation HD 0100-559 „Low-voltage electrical installations - Part 5-559: Selection and erection of electrical equipment - Luminaires and lighting installations“  the labelling of luminaires intended for installation on parts of buildings must be observed regarding fire safety. A fundamental change in labelling was implemented in 2009 (with a transitional period ending in April 2012), which means that currently luminaires with varying symbols can be found in existing installations (see table).

Table 3.143: Symbols for luminaires to be installed on parts of buildings

The new regulation stipulates that luminaires can fundamentally be installed on all building materials customary in general use, unless their labels contain restrictions in this regard (see table, right column). Said labels must be attached to the outside of the luminaire in a 25mm x 25mm format (not on the type plate, see chapter ) by the manufacturer, and explained in the installation instructions.

For luminaires without labels, it is ensured that even in the event of a malfunction (e.g. a short-circuited coil in the fluorescent lamp control gear unit) a temperature of 180°C on the installation surface will not be exceeded (see table).

Table 3.144: Fire safety labelling for luminaires

Surface-mounting/recessed installation of luminaires without labels to/in building materials which are stable and non-yielding up to a temperature of 180°C is therefore permissible (formerly: symbol). Recessed installation in normally inflammable building materials is also permissible if those materials are equipped with supported heat insulation (former  symbol), unless the restricting symbol is pictured on the outside of the luminaire.

Regarding elevated requirements, e.g. suitability for areas with fire hazards due to dust or pulp, luminaires are identified through positive labelling (e.g.  symbol, see also section "Work locations exposed to fire hazards").