Recessed luminaires for furniture

Luminaires for installation in/on furniture items must be labelled with the  or symbol (see table) and conform to the thermal requirements outlined in table 5.14. The installation instructions for luminaires to be installed in/on furniture items must contain information regarding permissible/impermissible installation possibilities for the luminaire, e.g. regarding the minimum distance from other components. The luminaire manufacturer’s installation instructions must be observed in any case. The danger of a possible heat build-up, e.g. in haunches or grooves must be considered. Luminaire arrangements inside cabinets and foldaway beds must feature a switch turning off the luminaires by force whenever the cabinet door is closed or the bed is folded away. Electrical lines and through-wiring passing through furniture luminaires must feature a minimum cable cross-section of 0.75 mm2 up to a length of 10 m; and a minimum of 1.5 mm2 for lengths exceeding 10 m. Luminaires must feature cable strain relief devices for such lines.

Table 3.145: Symbols for luminaires to be installed in/on furniture items