Diameters of through-wiring accessories

HD 60364-5-52 "Selection and erection of electrical equipment – Wiring systems", which in turn is based on the standard IEC 60364-5-52, features extensive tables specifying permissible current carrying capacities in relation to the installation type with highly varied installation types, operating and ambient temperatures.

Through-wiring in luminaires can generally be created in the process of luminaire installation (meaning on-site). However, it is important to ensure that even at the most distant luminaire, the minimum voltage of 207 V (derived from the uniform mains voltage of 230 V±10%  implemented in Europe since 2008) is provided and that the voltage drop of 4.0% is not exceeded (see further below). Accordingly, with regard to the current-carrying capacity and the voltage drop, a sufficient conductor cross section has to be selected.

In continuous line luminaires, the mains connection can be passed from one luminaire to the next as through-wiring. When opting for this method, it is important to ensure that the permissible operating temperature of the cable insulation is not exceeded. According to HD 60364-5-559 "Erection of electrical equipment – Luminaires and lighting installations", cables and lines conforming to the luminaire manufacturer’s temperature specifications, as indicated by e.g. the symbol , can be introduced into the luminaire as through-wiring. In other cases, heat-resistant silicone lines are recommended.

In luminaires, lines of several luminaire circuits can be installed jointly, provided they are suitable for it. Through-wiring can also be passed through a luminaire that is not connected to it.

The inner and outer heat-resistant PVC lines according to luminaire regulation EN 60598-1:2012 which are included in the luminaire delivery, which are pre-assembled, are heat-resistant up to 105°C. Through-wiring supplied by TRILUX consists of colour-coded, heat-resistant individual wires with 1.5 mm2 or 2.5 mm2.

Since the load of the through-wiring and the temperature rise associated with it can also have repercussions for other components of the luminaire, TRILUX continuous lines are tested with a through-wiring load of 10 A (16 A) at a cable cross-section of 1.5 mm2 (2.5 mm2) as a matter of principle.