When installing luminaires, the installation instructions must be observed as a matter of principle. For TRILUX luminaires, these are, among other things, available for download in the online catalogue at, assigned to the respective products. It is recommended to review them in advance. Note the following in particular:

  • Specifications regarding electrical connection. Due to e.g. the type of connection terminals, there may be limitations. As the case may be, protective measures against UV impact on halogen free installation cables must be observed.

  • The limiting fire safety label (see chapter "Fire safety").

  • The specified operating position must be observed. Deviations not only affect the luminaire fixation stability but may also impact the requirements regarding the lamp’s operating position, mechanical and thermal strain on luminaire components and the luminaire’s protection rating (see chapter "Electrical safety"). Unless otherwise specified, ceiling installation is assumed as a matter of principle.

However, information regarding

  • fixing distances,

  • fixing accessories,

  • pivoting depths for recessed luminaires (see figure),

  • minimum dimensions for mounting enclosures (see figure),

  • cable entry positions,

  • through-wiring,

  • and other particularities

Figure 3.183: Installation of a recessed luminaire, pivoting depth in system ceiling with exposed trunking (excerpt from installation instructions).

are also specified there.

Generally, the following applies even without mention in the installation instructions:

  • Outside of enclosed spaces, the use of indoor luminaires with elevated protection ratings is only permissible in protected areas without direct sun irradiation and without direct exposure to weather.

  • According to HD 60364-5-559, fixing accessories provided on-site must be capable of bearing five times the luminaire mass long-term and securely. For the fixing accessories mentioned in the installation instructions, this must be guaranteed by the luminaire manufacturer according to EN 60598. The task of the fixing accessory can be transferred to the suspension of the ceiling system insofar as luminaires are to be supported by it and are not fixed separately to the shell ceiling.

  • Corrosion of luminaire catches and fixing accessories must be avoided (see chapter ).

Regarding installation in connection with structural fire safety measures, the following two sections provide general information.