Example of product informations

Product information includes, among other things,

  • correct product depictions and product descriptions;

  • a quick overview of certifications and labels, e.g. ENEC; ENECplus, D, IP50, 0,35 Joule, 650°C;

  • important dimensions and weights;

  • application photos and examples;

  • data sets for 2- and 3-dimensional product representations (see also chapter "Lighting design"),

  • generally understandable, expert explanations on the terms, symbols and abbreviations used;

  • photometric and other product characteristics provided as texts, tables, graphics or electronically processable data sets (see also chapter "Lighting design"); easy-to-understand installation instructions and

  • clear installation accessory documentation.

Figure 3.158: Selection diagrams for climate luminaires: pressure loss and sound power level (left) and noise rating curves (right)

Figure 3.159: Data sheets including the most important photometric, mechanical and electrotechnical data as well as complete product data as well as electronic design data are available in the online catalogue.

Note: Particularly for LED luminaires, the employed service life definition must be clearly stated. To this end, tolerated degradation (Lx) and failure rate (Cz) must be clearly disclosed (see also chapter "Light sources, service life of LED luminaires") since it determines the maintenance factor for planning (see also chapter "Maintenance factor").