Pre sales service

The customer wants to make the right purchasing decision, i.e. avoid a bad investment in the increasingly complicated and specialised field of business and regulations. He must always be expertly informed and up-to-date and requires support in planning products and inviting tenders. He is looking for reliable support from the manufacturer regarding the solution of upcoming lighting tasks.

The manufacturer offers its customers comprehensive service in the form of planning tools, personal advice and available documents. These include software tools (see also figure and figure), training on relevant standards and regulations, information on current topics and developments in the field as well as comprehensive product documentation (see also figure and figure) on series and special products and object-specific product solutions.

Quality manufacturers with its expertise and many years of experience are also available for the solution of complex lighting tasks. They enable problem analysis and system solutions that are oriented towards future-oriented concepts for good lighting. While respecting economic and ecological targets, architectural and design aspects are considered.

This service in combination with modern, reliable technology in a contemporary design creates planning security.

The offers of the industry associations as

  • Further education and qualification

  • Help to open up new market opportunities

  • Acquisition aids

  • Consulting and planning service

  • Communication of trends and tendencies

  • Consumer information for more product benefits

are also made possible by the commitment of the manufacturers in the association in question and by their individual participation in their measures.